Sunday, May 10, 2009


Patience is a virtue :)

I'm NAJMA a.k.a nadj...i was born on the 6th day of April year 1988 and I'm an ARIEN (Aries).
I was born in Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but doesn't mean that my citizen is Arabian, I'm 100% Filipino and I'm proud to be a Muslim one. I was 9 years of age when we come home here in Philippines with my two siblings who were also born in Saudi Arabia. I finished my elementary and highschool years at St. Therese Academy. I enrolled at St. Michael's College with the course of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I stayed at SMC for 3 years because I had problem encountered there so days passed I've decided to transfer to another school so that I can graduate in 2009. I transferred at Medina College Ozamis City. I admit that it's not easy being there without your family especially without your vices(IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!) I mean i used to be staying in our cafe after school and I missed my siblings, family, friends and all but it was not the reason for me to stop studying and go home instead. It was a big challenge for me to pursue and continue my course there because it was the only to payback my parents for all of their efforts for me. So March 20, 2009 we had our Pinning Ceremony in the morning @ around 8am and our Graduation on 2pm @ Medina College Gymnasium. I was so happy at first because my father is going to attend my graduation and I know he will because it is a special event in my life. But he failed to go home because his superior wont allow him to because of works to do there . I was sad at first because during my 18th birthday , highschool graduation,Capping ceremony he was not there but I understand him. My mom went home instead and attend my graduation.
I graduated at Medina College with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing.I'm planning to take the board exam on November and I will go to Manila by July to start reviewing and to refresh my stock knowledge regarding my course.

So I guess it all ends here. Thank you for reading (if you are).


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