Monday, May 23, 2011

Sigma's Make-up Brushes

I really want these 12 brushes by Sigma... I tagged my tita to let her see this picture and asked her if she can buy one set for me and she haven't reply to my photo tagged yet. All I want is this black set and too bad because Sigma is not available here in Philippines and if we have here in Philippines the price will reach into 4200+ because the price in Sigma's website is $99. I hope my tita will buy one for me...I am so addicted in these brushes because of it's high quality and for sure this will last for a very long time. Just one brush from sigma will do and that will make me happy! ☺ *crossed fingers*


  1. I havent own any sigma brushes but everyones been raging about it ..immay try one too :)


  2. I think this makeup show information is quite impressive and I personally suggest people to read it.


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