Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Be a an instant Fashion Designer!

Last week I saw this cool website where you can design or create your fashion clothing to be more fashionable. It's like you're the designer and the model on your screen is your client. It's so much fun and I enjoyed it a lot, well I spent my time designing clothes on my client. It's just amazing how you can change the facial expression of the model, the background, the effect and choose from lots of clothes. Oh and not only clothes, you can also choose from the accessories gallery they have provided.

Time for me to showcase my designed clothes that I may wear if only I could wear shorts and dress, Lol.

1.) Black & Grey Disguise outfit

2.)Bookstore Visit outfit

3.)Sophisticated Chic @ Hotel Room outfit

4.)Color Blocking @ Park outfit

5.)Sophisticated Classy Chic in Polka Dots outfit

Visit this website to dress-up your own client/model.

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