Monday, June 20, 2011

Curly and Bouncy Hair

Hey everyone! I just wanna show you what I did to my hair last night using my Flat Iron. I did many trials but it doesn't go well so I tried again and thank god it gave me this hair(below). I was so happy when I saw the result and to think I didn't even apply heat protectant(yah I know it's bad) just because I still don't have one but soon I'll buy one so that I can style my hair. It was pretty a long years since I styled my hair because for the past years(23yrs)I haven't styled my hair, and it has always been in ponytail. So this time I have decided to curl it and I didn't fail to do so.

A big THANKS to ROSEBUD143 because this helped me to curl my hair. Oh and btw checkout her channel if you haven't yet or click her hair tutorial In and out curls with a side flower


  1. I love how it looks on yoU!!!

  2. your hair looks very bouncy and lovely :)

  3. @mich: nah thank you pretty girl. :)
    @sara: hehe I was just surprised after I saw my hair on mirror and it's not what I expect but I'm totally amazed. :D


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