Friday, June 10, 2011

ELF's Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette

Another palette that I would want to have is this ELF's Endless Eye Pro Eyeshadow from their ELF Studio line. It has 100 color available in both bright and neutral eyeshadow and the most amazing one is it's matte (I think so..). I prefer matte eyeshadow rather than shimmery one because you can't wear it during daytime. Shimmery eyeshadows are perfect for night time such as party, clubbin' with your friends, girl's nigh-out and etc. This one is limited edition and cost $10.00 on ELF's Website. Great deal because you get a 100 eyeshadows for only $10 which is not too pricy compare to BHCosmetics Eyeshadow Palette in 120 which is the best make-up thing ever! OMG if I only have this palette then I wouldn't ask for other one. But yeah this is affordable palette if your looking for a bright and neutral colors in only one palette.

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