Monday, June 20, 2011

Girl's Night Out--Clubbin!

If only I am allowed to wear shorts and go clubbin the this will definitely what I will wear. It's a combination of bright colors that is toned down with a grey cardigan since we don't want to look so bright (you still can, besides it's a girl's nightout)and draw all the attentions in you. The term is COLOR BLOCKING which means that its a combination of bright colors in one outfit. For me, you can call this outfit simple and comfortable to wear because of the shorts and the tank top with a cardigan on top of it. The outfits are:Tank Top by S'nob;Cardigan from Only (is that the brand?);Shorts by Polo Ralph Lauren;Heels by Jessica Simpson;Shoulder Bag from Monki and Necklace by Candied Poison.


  1. Why aren't you allowed to wear shorts? :-/ Hihi

  2. It's against in our religion. :)


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