Saturday, June 11, 2011

White Tee Shirt

Time for my Polyvore picks for this day. So this day I would love to ear just a white tee and a rolled-up washed out jeans with my nude pumps on and maybe a scarf to make it more cute. I would love to wear this shades and this brown bag and also wear this camera ring and key necklace which I would love to have. This is just a casual look and you know me I love casual outfits just because I just love wearing jeans and tees on my everyday activities and especially when going out. So this scarf maybe not so good here in Philippines since the weather ere is humid but I guess it would also be perfect since June is a rainy month and it's getting cold also. For the make-up look I would pick this palette with neutral colors and a pop of light pink which is great for daytime. You can also go for a neutral eyeshadows on your lids and maybe a pop of pink underneath your lower lashline but it depends on how you will do your make-up look. After the eye make-up I love this bright pink with a lip gloss on top of it. After all the beauty time to wear this Ralph Lauren perfume and voila ready to go!

Let me show you my picks from Polyvore!

Oh I just love this pair of pumps! How I wish I could have them. So yeah these are all my picks from polyvore. If you haven't try this website then maybe you should try them now and in this way you can decide on what you will be wearing.♥


  1. Oh thank you. :) It's just based on what I hear from make-up gurus on youtube. Where you from?


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