Monday, July 18, 2011

Meeting my Fave Beauty Guru:Lindsay Tioco Artillero

I knew of Say when I first saw her on Judy's Meet & Greet video. I checked out her channel and became a subscriber  of her from February of this year until now. I also started reading her blog which is Makeup by Say the time I subbed to her Say's YouTube Channel and until now I still support her just because I know her career in makeup will go further.

So when I was still in Iligan City, I already tweeted Say that I'll be going to Manila to process some papers. When we arrived here in Manila I texted Say that I'm already here and she replied after few days, it was on Saturday that she confirmed we will do meet-up at SM City Manila. Prior to that I also let her know that sorry if we'll be late because the place where I stay is in Commonwealth and it's too far from SM Manila. I woke up early yesterday, Sunday, just because I'm excited to really meet her in person because I only happen to watch her videos and browse her pictures on twitter and on her blog. I was with my cousin and luckily Say has not waited too long because I don't want her to wait (nakakahiya naman...). It was in time when we arrived at the mall and the Sunday Mass just finished and after they attended the mass they ate at Mcdonalds to have their breakfast. I texted her again to tell her that we were already in the mall, at the department store just looking at the cosmetic counters. I was looking for brushes, lipsticks, blushes, foundations and etc and even tried out some of the testers from L'Oreal which I fell in love with one of those testers. After they ate @ Mcdo Say texted me that "can you go here na sa Mcdo? Para I can give you the products" and I replied, "kasama mo ba fam mo?" she replied back "Ya" and I was like "Nahihiya ako" but still I showed up. My cousin saw her first wearing a black bolero maybe she noticed Say because I explain what Say looks like. So it's actual and Say is in front of me I was like, "Hi, Say ^__^ I was really happy when I saw Say. She was really friendly and sweet and she embraced and kissed me on cheek. I felt like I saw celebrity because she's standing tall, long hair, chinita, perfect straight long hair and she was just pretty good looking lady yesterday. She handed me the Myra products I won from her (reason still unknown :D) and we took pictures then had a short chat before they leave. She was with her 2 sisters and her mother which are so friendly. I also happen to met Iza of The Style Prodigy, she was kinda shy and her outfit is so "fashionista".After meeting Say I texted her and told her thank you and hoping to meet her again in the future. Again, Thank You so much Say for giving me the opportunity to meet you!

She's really tall ^__^

Thank You Say :)

Excited to try this! :D

Clap clap for meeting Say! Hooray! Thank You is not enough to let you know how happy I am to finally meet you. :)

Much Love,
Nadj <3


  1. i hope i can meet her as well! followed your blog <3

  2. She's really a sweet person. Beautiful inside and out.Followed your blog btw. :)

  3. say is really pretty! ^_^

  4. I have not heard of her before, but she is gorgeous! You have a wonderful blog! I will definitly return to read more of your posts and I wish you all the luck in the world with it!

    All the best,

  5. I met her too! Me and Sannie won her Birthday giveaway. She's very friendly and bubbly. We 3 clicked right away. I followed you babe~

  6. She really is a sweet and pretty! I love her too :)


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