Saturday, September 10, 2011

NYX E/S Base & ELF Brush

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Hooray! I finally have my e/s base from NYX that I bought online from Shopgirl. I ordered this one I think it was on first week of August and I knew that I have to wait 3-4 weeks before I receive this product. I bought this when Shopgirl is having her sale on the NYX items so I grab the chance to buy and set my payment through Cebuana and voila here it is! I know primer is much better that base but I'll be buying  eye primer from Gellie's online store (excited!) so I still have to alternately use these two.

The package arrive on Wednesday. We we're actually texting (Shopgirl) asking her if she already shipped my product and etc and I was shocked when I saw this LBC package on the table and I squeal like squeal because I didn't expect that it was already there and it was just waiting for me. :D

This is how the packaging looks like. Wrapped with bluegreen plastic and inside that bluegreen plastic is this transparent plastic where the e/s base is securely wrapped in a plastic bubble to protect the product from any damage during the shipping.

I prefer to chose this because it's in skintone. It was available in the white shade but it's not my type to choose it to I chose this one. Another reason why I bought this because white shade will be obvious in my eyelids if I apply it on and this one will not be obvious. 

I bought this August 4, 2011 at Robinson's Ermita. I really love this brush from ELF because it's dense and domed shape and can really pick up eyeshadows. Pardon the eyeshadow name for its not blending brush; it is the eye crease brush as stated on the official website of ELF where you can read HERE.

What it claims: Blends and contours in the crease and corners of the eye. This domed bristle brush picks up a lot of eye color and sweeps it onto the eyelid to create bold definition. Great for smudging shadow into the lash line for a smoky effect. 

It does what it claims to be and I'm so happy that I bought this one. I'm planning to buy another from my co-bloggers's online store. What yah think? :)

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