Wednesday, April 18, 2012

YummyCharm Shop Ambassadress

INTRO: Yummycharm features an extensive variety of pretty and dainty jewellery. A touch of romance with vintage elegance from era's past. Perfect for gyaru inspired and bridal style fashion. We cater fashionable earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and hair accessories. Our designs are meant to be worn alone as a statement or layered for fun, but always loved and cherished! All items are distinctive and handmade by Katrina of On-line since February 2010.

Personal thoughtsI'm so excited for this new partnership with YummyCharm, an online accessory shop that is owned by my co-blogger Katrina Vitor. Few days ago I contacted her if she can sponsor my blog for a giveaway and luckily she agreed but on the other hand she offered that I can be her shop ambassadress that made me so excited. I never think twice nor rejected her offer because honestly her shop and products are so cute. I love her website design, I also love how she make her own layout and all that no wonder she hand-made these cute accessories.

Here are some pictures of her cute accessories!

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