Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Krave Minerale Haul

I finally gave in to Krave Minerale products. I'm really not a fan of mineral or organic products because I have this feeling that it won't really work that well. But I've heard some feedback that mineral is actually good for your skin because there are not much of chemicals as part of the ingredients and it also let your skin breathe. I already have mineral products that I won from Sara Hassan's Blog that was sponsored by Mineralissima but I haven't use them yet. The reason also why I don't like mineral products is that its too messy when using them, they get all over the place which is for me a waste of product.

Last week I just woke up and had this urge to buy skin care products but I don't know which one to try. I browsed Krave's Fan Page in facebook and read lots of reviews about there products telling this and that. I really want to convince myself from what I read but NO, I still search and read more about Krave's products and when I'm finally convinced, that's the time I will buy. *The perks of having Paypal*

I have combi/oily, sensitive skin which is why the reason that when I buy skin care of makeup products, I want to make sure that it'll last on me and not just throw it away with few use because of allergic reactions. I admit that sometimes when my impulsiveness overlap my ego I can't stop myself but really need to buy that certain product. I want a skincare product that I can say it's my HG and the one I'll keep on buying because of best result. So I went to Skye Avenue online shop on multiply and bought my two Krave Minerale products which are Cupine Aloepa facial wash and Antizit Splash toner. I was supposed to buy four products from Skye Avenue but Paypal was acting up that time so I ended buying two items only :( I was not satisfied of what I bought, I went to Krave's multiply and bought Correct and Conceal mineral concealer.

Here are the items that I bought online. I'm currently using the facial wash and toner and so far I've seen improvements on my face. The redness around my nose has decreased also my active pimple's redness has decreased too. I have yet to give more time for me to totally review these two because I've used it for 4 days only. I'm also planning to buy one of the Skin Feeding Routine they have and I'm going to get the Acneic-Oily.

Going back I want to give you short details about the products that I bought.

Cupine Aloepa Facial Washstands for Cucumber-Pineapple-Aloevera-Papaya with Mulberry leaves extract. A breakthrough in facial wash that solves your major skin problems like oily skin, acne prone skin, dry, dull & dark skin, wrinkling, ageing & blemished skin. We got the answer in just 1 bottle.

Cupine Aloepa facial wash drives away all these unpleasant skin issues & brings out the radiance & glow you’ve been missing all these time. Replenished with certified USDA organic botanicals & essential oils that gives your skin what it totally craves for a facial wash. Plus the aromatic energizing smell it brings that revives your senses early in the morning. This is the best way to start your active day right.  *Krave Website*

Anti-Zit Splash-  is uniquely formulated to combat acne and promotes cellular renewal. It dries up pimples and refines those large pores. It has NO ALCOHOL and will not damage your skin at all. This organic toner contains 95% organic ingredients and suitable for all skin types including ACNEIC-OILY and aging skin. *Krave Website*

Correct and Conceal Mineral Concealer- Correct & conceal them up completely and get rid of them instantly. It does not only erase spots but it also helps to soothe and repair the skin with the addition of Levomenol, Allantoin, Golden Jojoba Oil and ProVitamin B5.

We use only the highest botanicals, natural plant waxes, oils and pure mineral pigments to create a luxurious, promising mineral stick concealer. Correct & Conceal stick has a “drier” texture when applied, making it “stick”' to the area of facial imperfection.

Krave Minerale’s Correct & Conceal is the first and the only brand of Concealer Stick in the Philippines that has skin regeneration, anti-bacterial, potent skin moisturizer, aids in the reduction of acne & regulates sebum production, all of these in just 1 stick.

So that's it for my haul. I will share my in-depth review about each of these products after I finish my other "to review" that has been sent to me. I  plan to get more other products from Krave like the Oil Eliminator (most raved), Pretty Young Thin, Fruttie Spray, Triple P Masque, Souffle Cream and the Mud Masque. 

How about you? Have you tried any Krave Minerale products? How did it work for you? I would love to know your experience. Leave them in the comment section below, coz I love talking to you! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing this review! I have yet tried the Anti-zit splash and Facial wash as I'm not also a fan of organic products since most of them don't work as to chemicals does. But after reading this review, I think I'll try the skin feeding range. ^_~

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