Friday, June 29, 2012

MOR Shop Online Giveaway [CLOSED]

Hello! I hope your having fun joining my current giveaways. I would like to thank each and one of you for joining. Cheers for that!

Tonight, I will be hosting another giveaway that was kindly sponsored by Ministry of Retail. MOR is an online shop that is based in Singapore and they have this Korean fashion that you shop with. They have variety of items to choose from, starting from top to bottom not to mention accessories are also available on their website. We all love to shop online, don't we? This has been one of the amazing system that made shopping easier because of e-commerce. Imagine by just relaxing, sitting, watching tv you can shop anytime you want thru online shopping.

I'm also a fan of online shopping but sometimes it takes forever for me to choose an item because of items offered to choose from especially the differences of prizes from different shop. 

As I was browsing MOR's website, I saw these tops that I laid my eyes on. I'm really into long sleeves for more casual look perfect for everyday. I saw these items:

How I love the design!

You can have yours too by just creating an account at MOR's website!
When you create your account, you will earn (S$+5) and if the winner has been chosen, winner will win S$25 and that total to S$30 that you can use to shop at MOR.

It's very important that you create your account so that your entry will be valid.
And make sure to leave on the comment box below what email add did you use to sign up at MOR's site.

They ship WORLDWIDE.

Goodluck! <3

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