Monday, May 11, 2009 it love or infatuation....CONFUSED!

i dnt know what to call this but as of ryt now im so confused of i felt about a certain person..we've been txtng like 2months na. crush ko na xa dati pa but since i know na hndi pwede i shud drop what i feel for him beside wala din naman patutunguhan coz i kow he'll never like me. so, when he txted me i was like kinda surprise coz i thought he'll never gonna txt me and i ddnt expect that he will txt me. so, as day passes by we were like having a mutual understanding coz he is so kind,thoughtful,caring and gentleman but what i like him the most is suplado xa but in a cute way. lage ko xa nirarasta kesa nga pasaway xa, ganito ganyan but he never gets offended naman kya un din ang ngustuhan ko sa knya. we also like have a kunting tampuhan lang but when i know that he is mad and its my fault ng-so-sorry ako kc i dnt want to lose him even as a friend lng kmi and so txt lit, kulitan ulit masaya ako pag ktxt ko xa like he makes me laugh pag nsa bad mood ako...there is this one time that i confess what i reli feel for him so he was kinda like shock but dati pa binibiro ko xa na gusto ko xa but binabawi ko lng agad tapos nung biglang naging seryoso na ako di xa naniwala sa snbi ko kc daw lage ko daw xa binibiro and i told him that this time im serious and this is what i relly feel for you. bigla xa ngtanong why daw xa, sbi ko i dnt know eh sa un nga ung nrramdaman ko my mggwa ka ba?Sorry sa ngbabasa nito pero i really have to confess it kc sasabog na puso ko pag kinimkim ko pa sa, ngaun alam na niya ang feelings ko for him pero i dnt expect naman he will feel the same way for me and i just want him to stay as my friend. wala pa rin ngbabago at friends pa din kmi until now.

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