Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bubbly bubbii

Another Youtube Guru that I've been liking is bubbii or also known on her channel bubzbeauty. I do really like her because of her sense of humor that she shows especially on her random/comedy vlog channel like the way she change her voice and dress up like a man (LOL). She is also great in make-up tutorials. She also starts on a naked face before she starts putting on a make-up on her face. Bubbii is super cute and her voice is awesomely cute too! Checkout her videos on her channel and there you can see her great and adorable make-up tutorials; not only make-up tutorials but also she includes there her daily skin routine and some hair tutorials but she more focuses on her face. I really love her face of how flawless it is. Check out her clothing line also where cute miniskirts with laces are available.

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