Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Fan of Phan

Do You Know Michelle Phan?
She is the most subscribed GURU on Youtube in fact she has 604,939 subscribers. She is an artist a most perfect artist because she is good in make-up and you can really tell that she wants you to learn through her video tutorials. I began watching her make-up video tutorials last year and I can say that I watched all the videos listed on her channel and I love 'em all! She became famous because of her video Lady GaGa look make-up tutorial and from there on she become more famous and famous. What I love about Michelle Phan is every tutorial she makes is that she starts on naked face and from there you can really how the make-up is being applied all over her face. Im an avid fan of Michelle Phan and I don't miss every new video she upload on her channel. She was featured in Vogue magazine with other bloggers around the world and apparently it's vogue's first time to feature a bloggers on their magazine. Watch the video below this post. Phan has already her online skin care line called IQQU.I really love Michelle Phan and for me she is an inspiration to all ladies out there. :))

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