Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Im Loving ♥

Hey there bloggers!

Uhm lately, I've been kinda addicted to these youtube they cover a particular song and they we're gonna like make that song hit and they will become famous and that's it! They will be signed and have their own album and have a show and etc. What I remembered bout this was Marie Digby, Mia Rose, RinOntheRox, blyssmusic, Meganandliz, jayesslee, OfficialmusicKB, boyceavenue, zeldaxlove64 and many to mention (i just ran out of YT covers! lol.) Im loving this new group well I think they are not new anymore, maybe I just discovered them just now and when I listened to their voices OMG it's so relaxing and very great to listen because it does not damage your eardrum. What I love now is the group LEGACI because they are so cool. Im going to post there cover of Baby by Justin Bieber featuring Cathy Nguyen of blyssmusic. Im not promoting them im just a fan of them and I love them so Im talking about their cover on YT here in my blog. :)

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