Monday, May 23, 2011

Eyebrow Cake Powder

I finally got my eyebrow cake powder! I bought mine at in2it counter at the amount of 229.75 at LKKS, CDO. My eyebrows are really bushy and dark long time ago but last year I got it plucked now my eyebrows are pretty good. It's maintain by me because I want to stay the way it is but the only thing I don't like about my eyebrows are it's sparseness so I need to have my eyebrow powder. i tried eyebrow pencil but didn't work for me and it really annoy me when I draw in my eyebrows. So last week of April I bought eyebrow powder and what I love about this one is it's waterproof.

I've wanted the NYX eyebrow powder because it has the wax which you can use and apply before plucking your eyebrows and it looks like this,

but overall I'm happy and contented with what I bought from in2it counter plus the saleslady told me that it'll last a year so let's just see it it will last a year.

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