Monday, June 13, 2011

Avocado Mask


Last night I finally have decided to do a homemade avocado mask and guess what, I did. We we're just bored last night and I let my sister applied the mashed avocado using a cotton pad on my face. At first, it feels really uncomfortable and you really can feel the thickness of the mashed avocado.

Here's the main ingredient and ready to lay down on my face

Look at my redness on my face and those pimples are killin me! Thank God it has been minimized compared to last month.

Close-up look of my pimples, haha! Who likes pimples anyway?! I DON'T! And oh excuse the eyebags,it's just an award from sleeping late at night.

I've let it stayed for 30mins 1hr and I've noticed that I can already peel them off so I decided to wash my face and you can feel the natural oil from avocado. After washing my face already felt the softness of my face just like a butt of a baby!

Why try Avocado Face Mask? It's because:

Avocado fruit- is one among the exotic fruits and it offers numerous nutritional benefits. It is also good for oily skin which gives deep cleansing and helps in getting rid of the dirt and grime accumulated on the face, it opens up the tiny ducts for cleansing and clearing the dead skin cells and thereby prevents acne breakouts.

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