Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finally! ♥ Essie Nail Polishes :)

Hooray! Haha being childish :D I am just so happy that my nail polish from my Tita which are the Essie have finally arrived. I just wanna to share it with you guys how I really like Essie's polish and this influenced me from watching beauty gurus from YouTube that's why I took the opportunity and asked my Tita if she can give me some of their polish from the Spa where she work and gladly she did. I got the colors Jam n Jelly, Blanc and Fiji. My fave among the 4 is the Jam n Jelly which is a bright hotpink but looks red on pictures I took. Oh and I also have this flexibase coat from Jessana but I didn't like it.

So without further a do, let me show you what I got! :D

The lovely ladies, hahaha! :P

Essie Nail Polish in Blanc-this one is opaque than the Fiji

Essie Nail Polish in Jam n Jelly-this one is very opaque, which I love ♥

Essie Nail Polish in Fiji-this one is a sheer pale pink

Loving the letter E symbol of Essie

Jam N Jelly ♥

My loves♥♥♥

Grab yours now at Essie


  1. Oh those polishes look so pretty <3 :)

  2. @Sara, this is what I've been telling you.. U better try them one and plus they stay on ur nails on a long time.
    @Ilanka, thank you! :)


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