Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Want Long Lasting Lipstick

So what's the difference between Matte and Creamy Lippies? Matte lipsticks are created and formulated to be long lasting on your lips, that even if you drink beverages it will still be on your lips and you may see a stain on the glass or cup but there is still a mark of lipstick on your lips. While the creamy lipsticks formulated just give your lips a dewy finish and you may have to re-apply your lipstick to give a color on your lips again. For me I prefer matte lipsticks just because they are the best and if you're lazy to re-apply lipstick then matte is good for you since it is long lasting. It is a dry formula but all you have to do is to apply your lip moisturizer so that you will have a smooth and soft base before applying matte lipstick and this will also protect your lips from cracking.I've always had creamy lipsticks and none of them are matte and now I'm looking for a matte lipsticks just because I found them more nice to look at and they are long lasting.

I always wanted to have Revlon because their lipsticks are just so perfect and gorgeous and it's really pretty. But just can't afford to buy one for me since it's not available here in our place. If I am to buy one of their lipsticks then I would wan to choose the Nude one and this one.

Can you see how gorgeous this lipstick? Ahh! Kill me I'm dying to have one for myself. Why do you have to be so pretty in color.. So yeah I want long lasting lipstick forever.

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