Monday, June 13, 2011

Random: Laptop, Book and Light.

These are some of my randomness from my room. A book entitled Public Health Nursing, my light well study light and my laptop, where all works are saved right there. I took this last night while chatting and tweeting.

This is the boring book I've ever read but I gotta need to finish reading this book as this will help me achieve my goal and make my future brighter.

My LOVE. This is the most important thing for me well second to my phone (E71) because without this I can't do my blogging, tweeting and other social networking. Reading my noted on fundamental of nursing

New study light which I think could also be use for filming and for some make-up tutorials after I got my new set of brushes from Tita.Look how bright it is and when I say bright, it really can brighten up my whole room.

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