Monday, June 13, 2011

Fashion # 4:Hotpink and Black

I've always been loving these 2 colors in black and hotpink. Black is a multiuse and can be paired with any colors and for me I love to pair it up with bright color so that it will have a nice combination plus black can make the chubby girls look small and slim that's why I love black. So for my outfit of the day I have these two colors which I love. My black veil and my black huge shoulder bag from Mango.

Darn that line from the mirror!

I love this lipstick on my lips. Darn that eyebags, but I think it looks cute though.

whole view of my outfit.Look how bright this teeshirt I'm wearing.

Isn't this bag too big?

What's with that pose?Lol

My Mango bag that I got from my Tita♥

Hello to the reflection of camera right there!

All pictures were taken by me since my photographer, who is my sister is back to school.


  1. I have the same exact Mango bag except mine's turquoise!! :-)

  2. Wow! really? Turquoise is a cute color too! :)


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