Friday, June 17, 2011


Ah lol! These are the things I picked out from Polyvore and all I can say is,WHOA! The colors are so bright and it's a combination of bright pink and bright orange which makes it like super bright colors! the accessories also are so effin bright like the necklace that has a pendant of "LOL", the big stoned orange ring, the feather earrings that has turquoise, orange and plum colors, the belt is also orange, the shades, the bag, pumps and even the scarf is bright one and one more thing, nail polish is also neon orange. OMG so much for being bright that will almost blind your eyes.

For the make-up I wanted to go for neutral colors since our outfit is so bright and it's for day time so neutral makeup is perfect for this and we wanted the attention in our outfit and not in our face. So yeah if you haven't tried Polyvore then you better now because it's so much fun playing with jeans, tops, shoes and etc.


  1. Oooooohhhh... I think I wanna go on Polyvore now! LOL

  2. Haha you should Mich! But for me is much better than polyvore because you got to see the actual model on your screen wearing the clothes and you can choose the background, effect and even change your model. :)

  3. Hi! Yes they are so bright. :)


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