Monday, June 20, 2011

TOP Nail Polish Picks

These are my top picks for nail polishes. I just love ESSIE"S NAIL POLISH because their nail polishes colors are cool and they also have great choice of colors which is convenient to buyers because they have many colors to choose from.

OPI- This nail polish is expensive but it lasts much longer than other nail polishes without chipping. It also has arguably the best color selection.

China Glaze-This polish is salon quality, has amazing colors and doesn't chip.

Orly-never chips, doesn't fade, great polish sold for a reasonable price.

Essie-This polish goes on smoothly, has great color choice and doesn't chip for over a week!

Sally Hansen-great variant of colors.

Revlon-Fantastic colors from opaque to sheer.


  1. I think I can only afford Revlon nail polishes! LOL

  2. Hehe! Revlon and OPI are available in our country. How much is the revlon nail polish Mich? :)


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