Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 26,2011 Sunday Haul

Last Sunday we went out with my friend to watch movie, I tweeted about this. We left the house at some around 5pm or almost 5pm and by the time we arrived in the mall, it's just so crowded and people like individuals, lovers, family etc are walking around the corners of the mall and what I hate about it is those students who just go in the mall to do nothing!-absolutely NOTHING. They just talk around, take pictures, chit-chat...can't they just stay at home and study their lessons? or help their parents do house hold chores? Yeah whatever, it's none of my business but that's my opinion.

We went inside this store called "Savers" and I instantly fell in love on what they sell its because I believe that some of their items are directly from the US, that's what I love about this store and oh, the price is--AMAZING,it's affordable! As I walk through I asked the saleslady if they have hairspray and she pointed out their shelves full of hairstyling products. She gave me the hairspray which is pretty good deal because it's 99pesos for a 10.6 oz and it also smells good. Also asked her for hair heat protectant but sadly they don't have one so I was kinda sad when I hear that. So I told her that we'll come back coz we still need to watch movie.

SAVERS at Gaisano Mall, Iligan City

We arrived in the 3rd floor and bought tickets for 80pesos and also bought snack (popcorn and orange juice, always)luckily when we came in the movie didn't start yet and I was so happy because I'll have to start the movie from the beginning and probably end it too. It's already 7 something in the evening and I always look at my watch because we still need to buy groceries that my mom told me. We didn't end the movie just because we're kinda in a hurry and the mall is about to close. Already bought the groceries and headed to "savers" again, and finally bought the hairspray and I was keenly searching if I would see hair heat protectant and luckily I found one! I bought the two and paid 217pesos. We proceed to department store, in the hygienic care and in the ladies accessories to see if I can buy something from there. I was searching and saw Ever Bilena's matte lipsticks(mauvy & spirit) for 135pesos and 145pesos but did not buy them.

Okay, to make the story short I'll just have to post these pictures for my Sunday Haul.

These are the items that I bought. One item was not included.

These are for my hair! Finally got myself these babies. I can work on my hair properly♥.

Shaping Hairspray from CVS Pharmacy. 99 pesos only!

Suave Heat Protection Spray in Sleek.118 pesos only

Ponds Antibacterial Facial Scrub.First time to try this but I've been a Ponds user ever since. I'll give it a try ♥

Pantene Nature Care.Been using quite few days now and so far it's doing good on my hair :D

Nail Polish remover. 14 pesos

Okay so that end my Sunday Haul. Tell me what's your thoughts/ideas on this post by leaving a comment below. :) Till next time!


  1. I want a Savers here now too!!!

  2. Aw hahaha! I thought savers are everywhere. :D Their stuffs are so cool. Its just like ur shopping in US. ♥

  3. I wish there's Savers here in Manila!

  4. Hi, Jes! Thanks for dropping by..Don't worry, maybe someday they will open up new store in Manila. :)

  5. cool store! i need that heat protectant! :(


  6. Coooool! Wishing there's one near me :/

  7. @Reg:i think dove has also heat protectant.Cool Blog!
    @Aya:dnt worry maybe someday they'll open up and its better than SAVERS :)

  8. hi aTEENadj new follower here a truly maranao also


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