Thursday, June 9, 2011

Killer Heels!

Pumps are very in right now because for me with just a simple jeans and tshirt on you can turn that into a classy/chic look when you wear a pumps. I got my first pair of pumps from Mario D Boro which Im absolutely loving. I hope to get more pumps soon so that I'll be able to wear other colors. Let me show you this pictures from ShoeGlamm Website. Ah! They are killer heels which I am envy of. The prints are so cute and they have this platform which makes your walking more comfortable and not a pain in your sole.

I love the hotpink one

I love the Orange, Zebra, and Nude one.

If you want to order you visit their website link above and their Twitter to be updated on what's new about their products.

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