Friday, June 3, 2011

San-San Eye Gel Liner

Yeah I know San-San is not a high-end product but don't you know that it last forever? It has a good quality and on the other side it's affordable too! So I bought this gel liner when I was looking for make-up products that'll be use for my Tita's wedding. I hunt for better products but didn't see a good one so when I went to HBC right before when we're about to go home, i dropped by there and hunt for more beauty products and I never really saw this one on their shelves and when I asked that man who's working there he took a pointed thingy and told me that that was a gel liner and in my mind I was like, "Oh, I never noticed that" the reason why I didn't saw it on the shelves because it was in a box and none of it was displayed. After I picked up one, headed to the counter and paid for it and until now I still have it. It's such an amazing gel liner because it's a waterproof and the color is charcoal, very deep black which I love.

Pic above is kinda blurry. Sorry I was in a hurry when I decided to capture this one for my blog. PEACE!

This pic is the actual applicator of the gel liner. It's very thin that you can make a precise line on your eyes but I love angled brush than this one :)

My before and after pic with my gel liner.

Thanks for dropping by! :)


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  2. Hi! Will you send me a sample of your hair extensions so that I can do a review on it. :)

  3. Cool. I've always been wanting to try this but the HBC near me only has the brown shade :/

  4. Hi, Aya! thanks for dropping by. :) Oh and about this one, too bad they don't have the black one. Maybe you can check it out again and see they have sock na... It's a hit cguro kaya they're running out of stock. :)


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