Friday, June 3, 2011

Cotton Candy for my Lips

These past few days I've been applying this lipstick from Ever Bilena which I bought from Robinson, CDO. It's such a pretty hotpink color but the downside of this is it's creamy and I don't like creamy lipstick. I want a matte one that will stay longer even if I don't reapply that lipstick. But yeah I still love it because it taste good plus the smell is so good. Before I put on that lipstick I moisturize my lips using my nivea lipbalm in Strawberry which also taste good (nom-nom, Lol)so that I'll have a smooth surface on my lips. After moisturizing I glide my lipstick on and with that I top it off with my Shawill lipgloss in number 8 which has a shimmer and also taste good. Here's picture of the items:

A swatches of the lipgloss and lipstick right here,

as you can see the EB Cotton Candy is darker and I think it's a hotpink one, well more close to hotpink which I'm inlove with.

Completed look is....well don't mind the eyebags. It's just the result of working on my blog, lack of sleep. :)

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