Thursday, June 23, 2011

Side Swept Bangs Achieved!

I finally cut my bangs into a more better one and this time it's properly cut off and it has texture to it. The past few days I was thinking of cutting it because it almost cover my entire face and it's one of the reasons why I have allergy somewhere on my face, especially my cheek area.

See the bangs?? So long! Scissors to the rescue!!!

I saw this video from ROSEBUD143 that's why I've decided to cut my own bangs too. It was very informative and helpful and maybe a little bit of convincing power is there that i even had to watch this first before I cut my bangs. Below are the steps on how she did her bangs and this was also the steps I did yesterday. You can click the image to redirect you to the video I'm talking about.

So after watching that video, I told myself that I will cut my bangs too. Few days passed I'm on my dilemma if I should or shouldn't proceed cutting it but yesterday just pop out from my mind that, yes this time I'm sure of what I will do and with the help of my friend, we did it! *applaud* Here are some of the pictures I took after achieving the length I wanted.

And here is the pic while my friend is cutting off my bangs! Hirit pa ng picture. Lol

Here are some random pics standing in front of electric fan

Well, that's all about my post. No need for me to go to hair salon to cut off my bangs, and now I'm satisfied with the result! For those who are planning to cut their bangs too, this maybe a little help for you. :)


  1. Yay, Pretty!


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  2. @Sadie: thank you! :) Followed you in ur blog.
    @mich: thank you! Itchy na kasi masyado kaya pinutol ko na lng..

  3. What a brilliant tip, I always see these videos but think I will never be able to do it as good. You have inspired me to give it a, it cost so much going to the salon all the time! You have a new follower, hope you will follow me too, Pearl x

  4. Hello Pearl!Thank you for dropping by..I was also hesitant to try this video but I've decided why not give it a try. And now I'm satisfied with the result plus it didn't cost me a lot. :)Btw, I am now following you on your blog.


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