Friday, June 24, 2011

Stripes & Orange

I always have been loving stripes in horizontal direction ever since. In y closet, I still have those but doesn't fit anymore or maybe I stopped wearing them because it emphasizes how "healthy"(chubby/big)I am. So in memories, I'm bringing them back in this outfit that the model wore. This is very casual but you can really spice it up and even wear it for lunch, meetings, appointments, anything you would want to do throughout the day. Oh and one more thing, I am a sucker for color ORANGE. I really don't know why but it's the color that makes me love it more. Ok, enough about my color obsession. What she wore are the following: Jean Paul Gaultier-Tshirt;Mini Market-Suit Pants;Christian Louboutin-Heels;Vintage-Handbag;Accessorize-Earrings;Vintage-Ring;Playwatch-Watch


  1. Again, I love the pop of orange!!

  2. Hehe same here! Orange really did stand out here.


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