Friday, June 24, 2011

White and Hotpink Combined

White outfits always look good and you always look neat when wearing white. This outfit is more like casual and can be worn on some meetings, appointments and etc. The hotpink really stand out from the white one and I don't want it to look so plain white that's why I added a pop of color and that's the hotpink one. The bag and necklace are in hotpink color also. What she wore are the following: Shirt from Jil Sander Navy; Jeans from day Birger el Mikkelsen; Heels from Pedro Garcia; Handbag from Sonia Rykiel; Necklace from Vintang; Ring from Marina B.


  1. I love how the pink pops against the white! ;-)

  2. Me too! haha! Try mo dn gumawa ng looklet mo Mich. It's very fun to do. :)


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