Thursday, July 7, 2011


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Just found this on Globe's Website and I was amazed on this promo. I am a globe tattoo user for a long time now and so far I'm loving the service they're giving to their subscribers. I never have tried any broadband except for this. There are lots of broadband being advertise on TV such as Sun and SmartBro but neither of them can't beat Globe Tattoo. I am sharing this with you bloggers around the Philippines to try this one. I know I may have a tad bit late of this promo but to think its a good deal! Surfing while texting or other way around and its very cool. I have tried registering to SUPERSURF50 while I'm subscribed to UNLITXT20 but it can't be done because of my recent registration.The time has finally come that I'd be trying this promo. I was thinking way back that maybe Globe should have 2in1 like this and today I am happy to read this that finally after long wait I can avail this now. Globe is just cool and they never fail me on my hopes.

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