Monday, July 11, 2011

Lipgloss and Lip liners-Shawill, Maybelline, Miss Beauty, Wet n Wild, Nichido

Lip gloss is loved. I really love wearing lip gloss because it gives that shine on your lips on top off your lipstick. You can also wear lip gloss even if without lipstick on. For me this is just a must in your purse because it's just cool to have one. I have 4 lip gloss and these are by far my favorite as of the moment. 

I also have two lipliners, the Wet n Wild in Nude but too bad it doesn't show off. I might use this in other way. The best lipliner I've ever try so far is this Nichido in Coral Rust and the color is just amazing. So red and it doesn't smudge off and it is long lasting. I might have to buy more shades from Nichido. It's a bit pricy but it''s always worth it. ☺

I hope you enjoy reading my 3rd post for this day! I might post another one for this day, let's just see if I can. ☺

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