Monday, July 11, 2011

Lippies I Owned: Careline, Revlon, Shawill, Ever Bilena, San-San

Another post that will show you my lipsticks as of the moment. I know I have only few items but in the future I want to expand this collection when the right time comes. These are the only lippies I owned but one of them, the Shawill one is already owned by my mom because she's really begging me that I should give it to her because she really likes it. I love that lippy too just because it's more like close to my lipcolor and just like you're not wearing any lipstick on.

My opinion about these lippies:

1.)Careline Lipstick in Cotton Candy-Smells so heavenly but then it's just to creamy. It's opaque but not long-lasting.

2.)Shawill Noveau Lipstick in no. 4-My all time favorite. It has this orange-red undertone which is close to my natural lip color.

3.)San-San Shimmery Lipstick in no. 1-Haven't tried this yet but I love the color, very lady-ish.

4.)EB Matte Lipstick in Off Beat Pink-wearing it right now and it's kinda sheer for me. The color of this lippy is not really showing off and somehow my lips get dry after few hours off wearing it but I still love this lippy. ☺

5.)Revlon in Soft Nude-haven't try this yet but still I love the color and the packaging.

*color may appear different on this pictures rather than in personal and it's because of the lighting.*

I hope you enjoy this second post! Another post shortly... ☺

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  1. Ate andj you have a varrity of lippie collection :o.
    I think ill go check out that revlon one ;) thnx!



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