Sunday, July 24, 2011

Turquoise Vintage Ring and Necklace

I can't explain how I love vintage stuffs and as time goes by I am more getting closer to impulse buying from online shops just for these vintage stuffs especially when they are cheaper. Just last week I bought another vintage accessories like ring and necklace and I got turquoise color. I never realized how turquoise is a attractive color until I bought a oversized tee that's colored turquoise and the result is just so cute! And so here I'm gonna show you the additional vintage that I got and oh my mom also got me a vintage necklace from Davao and I like how the pendant its because you can put two picture in there.I love the pink bunny there ah so cute! I wish I had the chance to choose what style is available because I'll grab more! :D

Much Love,
Nadj <3


  1. Hi! Thanks for following my blog! ^_^ I followed back! I love this post! I'm not into vintage stuff but I like turqoise accesories. You were right when you said it could brighten up a plain tee! That was a great idea! Yes, Say is such a nice person. She is so kind. I love her. Thanks to you~ I now have 35 followers. lol. more power to your blog. btw, I SUPER LOVE KPOP! SHINee is my LOVE! Whos yours? :) xoxo Kristine

  2. @Kristine: You are so true about Say. She is really sweet, nice and pretty! Thanks for following anyway but I don't seem to see your profile on my followers. :) Kpop jjang!

    @Sara: Glad you like it Sara! Hope you can give me follow back because you are one of my inspirations. ☺


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