Sunday, July 24, 2011

Black/Gold and Rainbow

I always thought that black will be perfect to any color when matched and yes it does! I'm in a search for black bangles since I already have black necklace and black vintage ring which I have purchased online. Yesterday my mom arrived from Davao and she got this set of bangles thats perfect for what I have been looking for. I wear it late this afternoon and it fits me! I am so happy that it fits me well because usually when I fit something on my wrist it doesnt except for stretchable ones but this time it fits me perfectly. I could use it for daily basis and I love the color because it's a combination of black and gold its just too elegant to look at. The other bracelet is not part of the set but its also cute because you can pair it with any color you want since it has all the colors on that beads. But I still love the black/gold  bangles. ^__^

Much Love,
Nadj &<3

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