Monday, August 1, 2011

Ever Bilena & Marrionaud Brushes+Review

Another post that will talking about my brushes. These are the brushes I owned and I have never bought additional brushes because I am saving the best of it and you know what brush I really love, do you? It's the Sigma Brushes that I have been raving ever since I saw it on YouTube. Oh well, since theres no Sigma here in Philippines, I wanted to try also Dollface brushes as these are also great and nice brushes. I bought these brushes middle May of 2011 as I have to prepare for my Tita's wedding and I'll be the makeup artist in the family.

WARNING: Photo Overload!

Powder Brush-I love this one! I know its not that huge as others do but it does give a good coverage when buffing the setting powder.
So nice handle, its thick.
Marrionaud Foundation Brush-Perfect for liquid foundation except that it leaves hair on my face.
Eye Brushes
Fluffy eyeshadow brush- so far this is what I'm loving too.
Flat eyeshadow brush-I used this and just patting on my lids.

That's all for this brush review. I just want to be straight to the point on what I have experienced using these brushes. So far, so good.☺

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  1. u should try suesh ate nadj!!they have pretty sets din!!i have my first setfrom there and i love it!:)


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