Monday, August 1, 2011

Lip Swatches+Review, Overdue!

Hello, lovelies! Today I am going to show you he swatches of my lipsticks on my lips. I actually forgot to swatch these at the back of my palm and all I was thinking was to swatch them on my lips. Oh well, this has been overdue and i am sorry for that. I got these lipsticks like few months ago and I didn't really have the time to swatch them. So yesterday I stayed at home and completed the scheduled tasks so that no posts will be left undone. Shout-out to Giezelle Uy of for she really wants to see how NYX Electra lipstick looks on me. :P

*Photos were taken in natural lighting and with camera flash for you to see the difference*

♥Pictures in natural lighting ♥
Revlon Matte Lipstick in Soft Nude
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Off Beat Pink
NYX Long Lasting Lipstick in Electra
Ever Bilena in Cotton Candy
San-San in No. 4
 ♥Pictures with camera flash♥

NYX Electra
Ever Bilena Off Beat Pink
Ever Bilena Cotton Candy
San-San no. 4
Revlon Soft Nude
And now we'll proceed to the review:

NYX Electra- Such an amazing lipstick and it never dried my lips when wearing it. It is long lasting good for 3-4 hours and since it's very pigmented you only have to glide little and smooth it out using your finger. It is my favorite of all!

Ever Bilena Off Beat Pink-disappointment. I never liked this product because for me it dries my lips even if I applied lipbalm before applying this one. The price is 145 and it's not worth it.

Ever Bilena Cotton Candy- I love the smell of this one,smells really good. The bad side of this is that it is creamy and it doesn't stay long.

San-San no. 4-another disappointment. I don't know why this and the ever bilena off beat pink have the same problem. The price is affordable but not for the quality of this lipstick.

Revlon Soft Nude-in between. It is manageable and I can live with it.

For those who has lipsticks like mine and having problem with the EB and San-San and how did you deal with it please do share some tips on how to work with these lipsticks. :) Thank You! ☺


  1. Aw. Gusto ko pa naman bumili ng EB Offbeat Pink. : |

    I have Cotton Candy din! Tama ka na it doesn't stay long. And I want a matte finish for a strong pink color, kaya di ko masyado nagagamit.

    Gusto ko yang NYX Electra! Nasa wishlist ko yan! :P

  2. Nadj, have you tried putting on a gloss after? It works for me I put on balm, then the desired lipstick, then gloss. I have good news about the EB and sophie stuff we can get a discount on those products! Woooooot! Im excited~

  3.  Nope, I havent Genn. Cge I'll try to put gloss after. Really? Wow good news nga! Big discount ba? Hahaha! :P

  4. Apir! Hahaha!Try mo NYX they are long lasting and matte finish din... Gooo for that! hahaha! Electra is so loved ♥

  5. i love the electra on u the best!!pretty atenadj!:)

  6. yey! Haha! Naadik na nga ako sa red na yan eh.. try mo din mgwear ng red Gie! :) Thank You sa compliment. :D

  7. The Nyx Electra looks gorge on you dear! :) Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. :D


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