Monday, August 29, 2011

Satchel Obsession

Last week I was followed by this Satchel Company called, based from UK and when I opened their website my eyes were like rolling because of these lovely Satchels they have and they can emboss your satchel with your own choice of letters.

''The Leather Satchel Co. are master craftsmen and can hand-craft any colour combination of satchel in any size for you. We have 5 standard sizes available starting with 11-inch Handbags and moving up to 15-inch Tallboys, but if you need a 20-inch satchel making then we'll be happy to craft one for you. Please note that we can also emboss your satchel with the letters of your choice, including international latin characters, such as Â, Ø, etc.''

So today I'm going to show you my top picks from the website that I find attractive, well depends from your reference though. But for me these are my Satchel picks especially the colors are attractive. :)

Autumn Tan

Baby Pink Leather

Black and Brown

Black and Tan

Charcoal Black

Deep Purple

Neon Orange

Snow White

Black and Red
Contact them:
Tel number: 08000 32 8884
Twitter: @leathersatchel


  1. Wow! These looks so pretty! I want the autumn tan, pink and purple ones!

    I'm actually starting to like satchels. I got a red and blue one from Cole Vintage and I absolutely love them! :)


  2. Cute satchels! Got my satchel at a local shop, Impulse Co. they're great. :D


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