Saturday, September 3, 2011

Careline Lipgloss Review

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Hello beautiful readers! As you may know I have been in hunt of looking for the perfect lipgloss that doesn't have shimmers in it and one will dry matte. I have tried different brands of lipglosses but none of them worked fine for me. 

Well, the search is over for I have found my new lipgloss love that I have been raving for along with Genn of My Little Corner. I finally got one that I know will be working just so fine with me. This is not a high-end lipgloss but I tell you it works just so amazing that you would buy more of it.

This is what it looks like when worn. (with flash)

Swatch using natural lighting. See how pigmented it is!

Careline Lipgloss is my found new love. I am so happy that I bought this and will be buying more soon because I'm officially in love with this lipgloss. I have to get all the shades so that I'll be satisfy. The price is really affordable compared to other lipgloss that doesn't do their job for you but this one, worth buying for!

-highly pigmented
-tastes melon
-dries matte
-affordable at price of 60.00
-more colors to choose from
-long lasting
-no shimmers


Absolutely!You should give this a try since it is very pigmented and affordable too. I use Nivea lip balm first to moisturize my lips before applying this lipgloss.

5 out 5 stars

Where to buy:
Robinson Careline Counter
How much: Only Php 60.00


  1. Available na in any Careline counter? Dati kasi Rob malls lang ata. Juicy lips! :D

  2. I love your new layout babe! They were on sale for Php30 @ the expo... Yeah as far as I know exclusive for Robinson's lang dito sa Manila. You should try the Sophie Lipsticks too! Super noice lang. IMY! <3

  3. Hello babes! haha! aw my bad.. cguro na-confused lang kaya nlgay ko lahat ng careline meron. :D Tngnn ko kasi sa watson tpos wla palang ganito na lipgloss sa knila... too bad! I miss you girls! <3

  4. I agree with you on this one!
    Care line is da bomb! :))
    I love this inexpensive lipgloss :)
    they're tinted and so pretty. the packaging can be misleading tho :) and the color. not until you swatch it on your hand or lips. :)

    followed you!

  5. Hi, Tinay! Yes careline is really a great beauty line beside of being affordable they have amazing products too that's why I love them. :) Followed your blog too! <3

  6. i wanted all those shades too .. sadly it's only available in robinson's :C

  7. Hi, Ness! Yes its so sad that we can only find these in Robinson's... The shades are so pigmented omg I'm using this everyday and it doesnt dry my lips at all. :)


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