Friday, September 9, 2011

Free People

As you may all know I’m also a fashion blogger but never came across my mind to blog about my fashion style. Searching along the web and saw this website called which is obviously an online store where you can buy clothes for men and women. It’s not only clothes that they sell but also accessories, shoes, handbags, and fragrance. The website is more interesting because it has the trends tab where you can find lots of new trends suitable for this season, especially for the upcoming fall 2011. Browsing the website I saw a lot of cute designs by famous designers such as Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Ferragamo, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Tod’s, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent and Cole Haan.

 The designs are really great of course it’s because of the famous designers known worldwide with their undefeated design that has market in different countries. If I will collect something in my closet this will have to be shoes because we know shoes are very useful. My ultimate favourite designer when it comes to shoes specifically high heels would have to be Christian Louboutin. I’ve always been a fan of Christian Louboutin because of his high heels designs which I find so sexy, classy and captivating and not to mention his red sole trademark on the shoes and red means—sexy. Another important or must have in ladies closet would have to bag because we all know girls loves to bring something with them like needed for touch-ups, fragrance and some emergency pad that we will need in case something arrived unexpectedly. I actually love the bag in this website because mostly are leather and I find leather more casual and it looks good in any outfit. My favourite designer for bag is Gabriele “Coco” Chanel because of her well establish in haute couture, specializing luxury goods (ready-to-wear, perfumes, bags, cosmetics) that has market all over the world. When it comes to fragrance, Chanel and Gucci will always be my top 2 because of the smell they have plus it’s not that strong and the most importantly it does stay long when you wear it.

Check this top I like from the category Free People. I can wear this like forever because I just love black in general. This top is so cute where you can pull it off with some accessories like statement one since our top is simple, wear jeans and a nude pumps or maybe a pop of color and you're ready to go.

charcoal melange jersey top

boysenberry melange jersey top

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