Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shiffa Skin Care Products

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Hello ladies! Ever heard of Shiffa Skin Care Products? If you haven't this is what I'm going to blog tonight. For my readers who are from Middle East place, maybe this is familiar to you. The skin care product is actually from Dubai that was created by Dr. Lamees Hamdan, a passionate woman who has been creating organic products based on the principles of dermatology since 2004. 

So anyway, my Tita has arrived this morning from Dubai and I've been messaging her lately that I want to have makeup goodies like NARS, NYX, brushes, palettes but so disappointing that they're not available in Dubai and the stores there just can't have these makeup products because Dubai is strict when it comes to importing in there country and it should be "Halal". So later on I decided to change what I want from her since she's going home and I have discussed her about my face condition like the acne scars and oiliness, etc. She arrived this morning and she gave me these new skin products that are quite new to me and this is the Shiffa skin care products.

I love how the packaging. :)
This is the Shiffa Aromatic Facial Cleanser

Sweet rosy oil of geranium & grapefruit to cleanse, balance and uplift your skin. Ancient healing chamomile to calm, purify, & soothe. Anti bacterial tea tree & avocado to condition & moisturize skin Miraculous fruits of the olive tree leaving skin soft, supple & moisturized.
This is the Shiffa Skin Balancing Facial Toner

Cooling aloe vera to soothe. Italian bergamot to restore balance. Refreshing Damask rose. Mineral-rich seaweed to help eliminate impurities and repair. Bergamot to relax. Stimulating hazel to bring new skin to life.

White Tea Moisturizer


Extract of white tea to repair. Anti-oxidative green tea to help to defend against the visible signs of ageing. Evening primrose oil to keep skin supple. Jojoba oil to promote healing of the skin with its antimicrobial properties. Hazel seed to cure beauty emergencies.Vitamin-rich carrot oil to regenerate and give skin a beautiful radiance.

These we're the skin products that were given to me by my Tita. Thank You so much! I'll have a depth review about this soon, I still have to observe the result as I use them daily. And oh by the way, these were given to her as an incentive from the company where she works.


  1. yup, i heard about shiffa skin care products..
    some of my local friends~love and rave about it!
    never tried it though >.<
    excited for your review hun!

    btw, i received a noti card from the postal..
    maybe it's the sigma blending brush that i previously won from you!
    weee! i'll let you know hun..
    thanks again!

  2. Weee! Ate Diane! I miss you. :P
    Really? Haha! Bigay lang naman sakn to.. :D
    Let me know if you already have the package from postal.
    Ung sakn I still have to follow up sa postal nmin kasi walang note na dumating. :(


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