Monday, October 3, 2011

EOTD: Deep Purple Smokey Eyes

Hello gorgeous! I was thinking of creating eye looks before that is inspired from magazines or inspired from celebrity but seems I really can't find time to do so maybe because of the bad weather caused by Quiel or Pedring that;s why it depends on my mood if I'll do it or not and sometimes I'm just too busy with school.

Anyway, finally I have my second eye of the day for you all and it something inspired from this magazine that my Tita gave me. The model looks gorgeous in her smokey purple eyes without blush and she just have this bright red lips. 

She looks like barbie! I was hesitant to do this look just because I don't have the guts to do so but still I pursue to do it and know what you girls have to say with my take on it. I only did my eyes and lips because my face is sensitive and I don't wanna take the risk of having face allergy again. So I hope it's okay with you all that I'll do my eyes only. :)

Full face. I used the NYX E/S base in skin tone and eyeshadow from my palette. Everbilena Liquid eyeliner and NYX Electra Lipstick:)

Some random pics I took. Sorry for the low quality of some pics uploaded it is because I only use my webcam for taking pictures.

Eeekk! I know I wasn't able to do the same eye makeup as what the model has and beside this is an inspired eye makeup only. Sorry for the LQ of some pictures here.