Saturday, October 8, 2011

Haul: Nail Polishes (Impulse Buy)

Hello, lovely readers! Hope you're all having amazing day as you are reading my new post for this day. :)

I wasn't really into nail polish for the 22 years of my existence but since I've watched and read nail tutorials and got to know cute colors that caught my attention, I come to think why not I try to buy nail polish and paint my nails on. My ever first nail polish was Essie and I have three of them that my Aunt gave me all from Dubai. I was really excited when I received those Essie but not really interested to use them. But since I read Katrina Vitor of I got hooked and really attracted to try on!

It was on Thursday when I bought nail polish and believe it or not, it was an impulse buy because the colors were vibrant, the sizes are so adorable and the prices are steal! I have to buy more than one. And yesterday I bought more nail polish again just because I can't stop the impulse feeling of buying those adorable nail polish!

Eekk! Sorry for the blurred picture! Let me ask you, are these too much for a first timer like me? :D

First Batch: Glittery, Neon Pink, White and Orange Crackle Nail Polishes

Second Batch: Purple, Silver, Mint Green and Maroon all with glitters!

Third Batch: Royal Blue, Baby Pink with glitters!

Fourth Batch: Orange, Fuchsia Pink, Black, and Pale Pink without glitters

Fifth Batch: White Nail Art, Colorless, Light Red with glitters, Black Nail Art

Do you love the colors I bought? Tell me your thoughts about these nail polishes in the comment box below. And oh, expect for Nail of the day and some nail arts too! :) I hope you enjoy this post.