Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lipstick Overdose+Swatches

Lipstick will always be my fave among the beauty products/cosmetics. I mean lipsticks are the easiest way to rock, amp up, glam up your look even without any makeup on (foundation, blush, eyeshadow, bronzer). For me, I don't use makeup everyday neither I use powders because I have very sensitive skin and because of that what I always bring along with me is lipstick. I have accumulated 9 lipsticks which sometimes I just love to look at them and just keep them in my makeup kit. I love to collect lipsticks and I'm planning to buy more in the future because of this addiction.

Moving on, I bought 2 new lipsticks from this website which is owned by my co-blogger Gellie and her friend. The website is offering 20% discount for all the products they sell and you'll get additional 5% if you blog about their sale which made me blog about it HERE in case you haven't read it. Their sale is up to October 30 so if you haven't buy from them yet, you better now because I tell you they have the most affordable items ever. I also bought the Wet N Wild Sweet as Candy Trio which I am obsessed with because of the neutral pretty shades.

Color of the lipsticks may not show as what they are in actual this is due to the lighting I have (natural lighting) and I haven't edit them either.
  Spell bound, Ice Pink, Sweet Pea, Seductive, Summer Pink
 Spell bound, Ice Pink, Sweet Pea, Seductive, Summer Pink

  Spell bound, Ice Pink, Sweet Pea, Seductive, Summer Pink

On to the hand swatches I made:

Thank Yo for reading my post. These are all the new lipsticks I bought from last month to this month and so far the one I love from these lipsticks is the  spell bound one. Elf's seductive has a scent which sometimes I find it annoying but nevertheless, I still love the color.