Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mineralissima Up-close and Swatches

Hey everyone! What a sunny day and its equivalent is the profuse sweating even if I'm in front of this small electric fan set in number 3 but yeah I'm still sweating.

So anyway, as you can still remember the post I blogged about yesterday, you could probably say that I stated their that I'll be posting swatches and the actual photos of the products when I received them so its now here.

I won this products from Sara Hassan and so far this was my first winning after joining so many giveaways on internet and until now I still can't believe I won (crazy eh?).

This is what the package looks like when I received them.

Instructions on how to use Mineral Makeup

I'm fascinated by this sweet note from Kati :)

Here are the products from Mineralissima

I chose Mineral Finishing Powder in Chiffon Finish

I chose Mineral Blush in Sneaky

I chose Mineral Foundation in Neutral Light

For the eyeshadow, I chose Mineral Eyeshadow in Lust

The products I chose are pretty amazing and beautiful especially the the eyeshadow one. This lust shade really attracted me when I was browsing on their website. There are other colors but my eyes really caught the attention of this shade and its totally worth it.

Let's move on to the swatches of each items. 

I'll be doing EOTD using this products in the near future so watch out for that. Thank You for reading my post.