Monday, November 14, 2011

BeautyUK Choices

Another brand that I have been eyeing is from BeautyUK Cosmetics. The products from this makeup line are so gorgeous that I just can't resist myself from keep coming back to view their palette. I am not a blush person but if I am going to choose, I'll opt to choose the shade that will stand out on me since I am fair to medium skin tone. I can say that I am an eye shadow person because everytime I browse from online shops in facebook, I always go through the eyeshadows and I will plan that I should have this and that.

I found my new love! These eyeshadows are sooooo gorgeous! Argh just look at those colors, aren't they pretty? Im loving the second palette called Soho Brights. The first palette is called Day & Night but I love Soho Brights even more (obsessed)

I rarely use blush but this one caught my attention and since I have fair-medium skin tone, I choose this blush called Buff. It's a peachy-pink blush on perfect for those who are not fair in skin tone and I think this will stand out when I use it on my cheeks.

Another one from BeautyUK Cosmetics that I love is this combo of gel liner and eyeshadows and obviously I choose the 6 bright colors with Black/Blue gel liner.

So how about you, what are your favorite items from BeautyUK?