Monday, November 14, 2011

Sleek Palette Choices

Hey everyone! These past few days, I have been raving of having my own sleek palette ever since I saw a blog post from Sara Hassan. I am totally obsessed with Sleek's eye palette because of the pigmentation and the eyeshadow color itself. I am planning to buy one before 2011 ends and I'm really hoping to get one.

I have been eyeing these palette from an online shop on facebook  I really don't know why I'm easily attracted to bold and vibrant color especially when my fave color is on the palette.

This is the Acid i-Divine palette and what caught my attention are the neon orange, hot pink and the purple one. They are just so fun to play with if you're just going to create fun looking makeup tutorial.

This one is just perfect! I love the natural shades. 

So how about you what are your favorite palette from Sleek Makeup?