Sunday, November 6, 2011

Born Pretty Store: Faux Lashes, Bracelet and A Gift

Faux lashes has always in my mind and finally I've already have pair not only one but 10 pairs. I've always wanted to try what it feels to have faux lashes but never think that I would want to have them. YouTube videos lifted my spirit to buy and try them since I love makeup, why not try them to add drama in my eyes. 

Born Pretty Store, an Asian store located in Singapore had a sale in celebration of their 1 year in business and I had a chance to grab the opportunity since everything was sale and you know you can't sale pass by. I bought 10 pairs of lashes which is criss-cross, and a bracelet.

I just had to buy these lashes because they're pretty! I'm an apprentice (no experience) in using faux lashes at all and when it arrived, I was hesitant to touch them because it might break or something, lol.

I got the number 14

One thing that made me decide to buy faux lashes is because of Say Tioco. We all know her signature red lips with dramatic faux lashes and may I mention that she's also selling faux lashes. I just love her to bits! The eye charm is the glue for lashes and the blue one is a gift from BPS.

Review of these lashes soon so please keep on checking. :)