Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ponds New Facial Wash:Clear Balance

Hey everyone! Who's an avid fan of PONDS Beauty Products? I do and I've been using their facial scrub the one in anti-bacterial for preventing future breakouts. Yet this time PONDS has launched their new ponds facial wash and when I first saw them, I dropped my jaw because of the elegant packaging plus another two new facial wash that I'm pretty sure we consumers will enjoy them. I want to try these two new products especially the SMOOTH PORES and NO BLACKHEADS.

I already have tried and currently using the Clear Solutions but with the old packaging. I use that religiously like I don't even miss a day not using it because it has improved my face ever since I started using it. Someone told me that I need to scrub my face so that all the dirt will go away and I like it better because it contains Salicylic Acid which helps treat acne by speeding up the removal of dry, bacteria-infected dead cells. 

  • Clear Solutions- removes dirt, oil and make-up from deep inside the pores.

  • Oil Control- effectively sponges up excess oil, dirt and make-up without overdying skin.

  • No Blackheads- draws out oil and dirt from deep within the skin and with the soft but hard-working beads, helps exfoliate dead skin cells that clog pores.

  • Smooth Pores- deeply cleans pores to remove oil, dirt and make-up with its icy cooling effect. 

So how about you? What are you most excited about to try in these new set of Ponds Clear Balance collection? Leave your comment below and tell me why. Who knows we might have the same interest.